Studio Hire

"In my opinion a recording studio has to provide more than just the technical facilities with which to capture and work on music - since it's quite a personal process it's naturally conducive to good results that it also feels like a safe and supportive space to work in. Well, Gold Tone Studio has all of that, plus a beautiful location thrown into mix."
-Charis Cooper @iamchariscooper

The studio is ideal for producers, singer songwriters and students who are looking to hear their work through great monitors, or record and overdub parts of their songs through a world class mics, preamps and converters, without the expense of hiring a large studio or having to rent it for long periods.

Gold Tone is available for 'dry hire' for those music producers, who are bringing their own laptop and might just need a quick tour to see where and what everything is. It is also available 'wet' with a world class engineer, who can help you bring your productions to life, set up mics and synths through to full production. Gold Tone is also perfect for recording podcasts, we produce our own here and have worked on many others.

You can hire Gold Tone on an hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. You can even fix a set amount of time per month throughout the year, making it as flexible as you need it to be, from £15 per hour, or less, if you schedule in regular sessions.

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