"Fab gear, so easy to communicate with, you know you're being listened to and a really nice space to be in. Really looking forward to working at Gold Tone again."
- Paula Cox @paulacoxmusic
Social distancing is at odds with the art of making music and professional sounding results come from treated rooms, good acoustics and half decent equipment, but who has that? That is why we have studios! However, modern technology has made incredible advances in recent years, and COVID 19 has pushed that agenda further and made studios like ours look at what is available and how we can get great results inside and outside of the studio, whilst keeping you safe...

We are available on various levels, starting from offering advice on what you are doing, and how to get the best out of what kit you have available, remotely connecting and listening to your session, remotely engineering and running the session, to delivering an industry standard mobile recording rig (disinfected of course), complete with everything you need to record, instructions how to connect the various bits (it's easy) then we connect remotely to that set up and make sure everything sounds great.

We can, of course, take care of you here, respecting all social distancing conventions whilst getting great results, with great mics and preamps.

Whatever you need and whichever way you'd prefer to work, we get great results with singers, sonwwriters, voice over artists, podcast recording and more.

Get in touch for more info about how we can help...

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