"In my opinion a recording studio has to provide more than just the technical facilities with which to capture and work on music - since it's quite a personal process it's naturally conducive to good results that it also feels like a safe and supportive space to work in. Well, Gold Tone Studio has all of that, plus a beautiful location thrown into mix."
-Charis Cooper @iamchariscooper

Mixing is the process of taking raw audio and shaping into a cohesive sound, that artistically, is the sound of the song or track you are trying to achieve. Depending on the source material, this process involves using plugins and outboard gear to fix any problems and help all the sounds 'sit' with each other to create an overall sound that is ready for mastering.

You would employ a mixing engineer to mix your music professionally because, in general, they work in treated rooms, listening to great monitors and using tools they know inside out and use everyday, to efficiently remove anything unwanted from your track and enhance all the good stuff. This is vital to making sure your music does what you want it too, blowing your listeners mind

If you have a project and need a mixing engineer, please get in touch...

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