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Studio hire for producers and artists in Brighton and Hove, from £15ph
"Top notch. Lovely studio space, great sound."
- J- Felix (Tru Thoughts) @jfelixmusicuk
• Do you need somewhere to listen to your productions in a treated room on great monitors?
• Do you need to record a podcast or voiceover?
•  Could you use some one to one tutoring in Logic or Ableton?


"Perfect results, fab gear, so easy to communicate with, you know you are being listened to and a really nice space to be in. I look forward to working at Gold Tone again." - Paula Cox @paulacoxmusic
Mixing Engineer in Brighton Hove

Dry/Wet Hire

Are you a producer working on headphones or with noise limitations? Come and use our studio, with world class monitoring and treatment...
Recording Studio Brighton


We have a selection of great kit to help flesh out your productions, or overdub sections...
Music production Brighton Hove


Are you a budding producer or musician using or looking to start using Logic or Ableton and need some one to one time to get you up to speed?


J Felix and Chris Galloway - Happiness.
MIxed | Extra production
Ferris and Sylvester - Flying Visit (Acoustic).
Recorded | Mixed | Mastered
Paula Cox - Losing the Dog.
Mixed | Additional Arrangement
Massive Attack - Teardrop (Hollows rework)
Mixed | Arranged | Recorded | Mastered
Tilly Sprague - The Cave (Mumford and Sons cover)
Mixed | Recorded | Mastered

We  built Gold Tone because we wanted to work somewhere that had lots of natural light, is solar powered and is a pleasure to spend time, for both us and our clients (thats you)...

In the digital world where more and more people are making and releasing music, it is important for your work to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Clearly talent has a massive part to play in this, but to make sure your tracks shine through, you need to listen to them in a well treated room, through a decent monitoring system.

This will enable you to make critical decisions about your songs, which will help you polish your sound.

We also have some hand picked items, that you might need access to: Aston Microphones, Rupert Neve Preamps, Apogee Converters for if and when you might need to overdub or rerecord vocals (or any instrument for that matter) Vox and Fender Amps, Moog Sub 37 and vintage Juno 60 synths, and a full selection of Waves and Abbey Road plug ins.

Gold Tone is the studio of Producer and Mix Engineer Chris Cracknell, who is also available for one to one tutoring, to offer advice or to produce and mix your projects for you. You can find out more about Chris here...

Availability and rates

Rates start at £15ph for dry hire (less if you book a regular slot and pay by Direct Debit)

To book your time at the studio, please fill in the form below, or if you'd prefer you can email or call 07794 196144
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